Community Sports Initiative

ID in the Community aim to provide access to free sports through a variety of community sports initiatives.

By establishing such initiatives, individuals and organisations can offer opportunities for community members, particularly those with limited financial means, to participate in sports without cost barriers.

We can achieve this through partnerships with local sports clubs, schools, or community centres, where facilities and equipment can be available for free or at a subsidised rate. Additionally, volunteers and coaches can offer their time and expertise to organise training sessions, sports hubs, and recreational activities.

By removing financial obstacles, our ID in the Community initiatives ensures that individuals of all ages and backgrounds can experience the numerous benefits of sports.

Through ID in the Community, we aim to improve social connections, increase self-confidence and personal growth and make friends for life.

The community sports initiative not only promotes a healthier lifestyle but also fosters a sense of unity and empowers individuals by providing equal access to the transformative power of sports.


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