Player Development Programme

With years of experience the team at ID in the Community are embedding a ‘player development programme’ to support high-performing children who may struggle financially. We believe this is a crucial step towards fostering athletic talents and providing equal opportunities for success.

By identifying and partnering with local sports clubs, schools, and community hubs, this programme can offer support to families whose children can play sport at an elite level.

Financial aid can be provided to cover expenses such as registration fees, equipment, travel costs, and participation in competitive events. Additionally, collaborations with local businesses and sponsors can help secure additional resources and support.

By addressing the financial barriers these children face ID in the Community can empower the player development programme ensuring that a child’s talents are not hindered or overlooked due to economic constraints.

This initiative not only empowers and supports high-performing children but also promotes social mobility, diversity, and talent development within the community, ultimately creating a more inclusive and equitable sports landscape.

To find out more and to see if we can help please get in touch with us.

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Taking a Corner - IDSport
Taking a Corner - IDSport


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